Natalia Simatupang - E-RYT 200

Bio - Natalia is an MPower Master teacher and MPower Studio Director with training in Vinyasa, Sculpt, Pilates, Lagree Method, Barre and Yin Yoga. She has been practicing for over ten years and is registered E-RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance with 20,000 teaching and training hours under her belt. With her degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Natalia brings precision, and her knowledge in Anatomy and Kinesiology in all of her classes.

Class Philosophy - My classes are upbeat, fun and challenging. I ask students to find their edge and grow stronger through a fluid and invigorating practice.

What Yoga means to me - Yoga, Sculpt and Pilates have given me physical and mental strength by bringing together my breath, body and mind. I love sharing these benefits with my students so they can grow stronger physically and mentally.

Johannah Headshot.jpeg

Johannah Bradley - RYT 200

Bio - Johannah is the founder of MPower Yoga.   She has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and is registered RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance.

Class Philosophy - For me, a great yoga class means that the student discovered a new space in their body, a new use for their breath in challenging poses or a new sense of empowerment through bringing their attention into their body. I want students to feel improved strength, alignment and mobility after any MPower class.

What Yoga means to me - As a single, working mother of three, yoga has been the constant that allows me to give back to myself. Building strength, stamina and flexibility has empowered me to find strength and resilience through the challenges of life. The act of dedicating time during the day to bring my breath, body and mind into alignment has been an empowering gift.


Gina Decker - E-RYT 500

Bio - Gina began the practice of yoga 20 years ago. Working as a Deputy Sheriff at that time, a doctor recommended she look into yoga to gain more flexibility. She went on to teaching yoga and later to teaching others how to teach this amazing practice. Born and raised in California, Gina has lived in the Inland Empire for 50 years. She has been teaching in the Inland Empire since 2001. She completed her 200 level teacher training with Devi Yoga in Claremont, Ca. After completing two other teacher trainings including YogaWorks and YogaFit, Gina received her 500 level teacher training with Cloud Nine Yoga under the direction of Erika Faith.

Gina retired as a Deputy Sheriff in 2011 and began working full time as a yoga educator. She currently assists different studios with their teacher trainings as well as Southern California University of Health Sciences. Gina continues to be a student by expanding her education. She received her certificate as an Ayurvedic Practitioner from the American University of Complimentary Medicine in 2013. Other certificates include but not limited to Yoga Tune Up®, Aerial Yoga and Reiki Mastership.

Class Philosophy - Gina has experienced the healing of yoga on the mind, body and spirit and loves sharing the gift that was bestowed on her so many years ago.

What Yoga means to me - Law Enforcement is difficult on one’s body, mind and spirit. Yoga came into my life at a critical time and saved my career. It gave me physical strength, a different perspective on human beings and filled the hole in my heart.  One of my teachers said, “You were looking for something and I think you found it.”  I am so grateful for my past and present teachers who have filled my mind, my body and my soul.

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Ally Victer - RYT 200

Bio - Ally Victer is an E-RYT 200 Power Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Restorative Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Children’s Yoga. She has been practicing consistently for 10 years since she was in college and fell deeply in love with the way the practice of Yoga made her feel. She started her practice at a small studio in Colorado but moved over to CorePower Yoga when she moved to California and LOVED it! She did most of her training through CPY and have worked for them since she completed it! She loves to spend time outdoors especially at the beach with her family. She has two little ones at home and loves loving the way she gets to experience life through them!

Class Philosophy - The intention is to give students a good idea of what they might expect in one of your classes. I think a great class is one that is physically intense as well as soul lifting! I love to get you out of your head with a good asana practice and then give ways to live your yoga off your mat.

What Yoga means to me - Yoga is so important to me. It is my home base when things are spinning out of control. My mat has brought me so much healing over the years that I hope to provide some of that love and support to those around me!


Eliot williams II - RYT 200

Bio - Currently have been practicing for the last two years. Continuing with my self growth along my journey as I spread self-awareness with all of the individuals I encounter.Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology at Cal Poly Pomona.  I had undergone my training at The Yoga Unit, Claremont. Creating music and rock climbing are the other passions of mine when not instructing. In between, I strive for improvement with my practice in yoga.

Class Philosophy - With great safety, a solid foundation can promote the wellness one desires within their awareness of practice. Gradual movements that evolve over time into graceful flows with great control. Allowing for the breath to rhythmically be in sync through self discipline.Letting go and enjoying the moment as it is present.

What Yoga means to me - Yoga has improved my state mind, as well as  physicality, when I injured myself. Allowing for myself to keep my mind busy and focused outside of the injury. Understanding that my reaction within is what I have control of, not the other way around. Relishing in the shared experience as we all would gather to encourage one another.Relief puts the mind at ease with consistency.


Celia Koshak - RYT 200

Bio - Celia began taking yoga after training for her first full marathon. After running 30+ miles per week, basic stretching and warm ups were not enough. Her body began to feel achy and tight. She needed something to offset the pounding and wear and tear extensive running had on her muscle and bones. She decided to start taking yoga classes and fell in love with the practice and philosophy right from the beginning. Celia has been practicing yoga for 9 years, just shy of a decade. She is a Yoga Teacher by heart and Corporate Girl by day. Celia also loves to travel, hiking and the outdoors. She is a wine connoisseur who also loves a chocolate. She is deeply devoted to her family. Celia is blessed with an an amazing husband and two boys, who are her rock and keep her balanced. Come practice with her for support, love, motivation, heart and a spiritual experience!

Class Philosophy - Celia practices and teaches a variety of yoga styles. She believes in practicing with athletic mindfulness and challenges her students to find the balance of effort and surrender in their practice.

What Yoga means to me - “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” - Bhagavad Ghita.


Lauren Wall - RYT 200

Bio - Lauren Wall is a Certified 200 hour yoga instructor and ACE certified personal trainer.

Class Philosophy - I love to have FUN in my classes. I think it’s so exciting to use yoga strengthen our bodies but it’s more amazing to see what happens when you learn how train your mind. I’m passionate about encouraging my students live their strongest and happiest lives.

What Yoga means to me - Yoga has taught me to slow down and know the importance of my breath. My practice has become a daily reminder that if your breathing your alive and if your alive it’s a good day.


Christine Estrada - RYT 200

Bio - Christine has been practicing yoga for 4 years and received her 200 hour certification at United Yoga in San Dimas . She began her yoga journey as an exhausted depleted mama of 3 looking searching for a space to take care of herself. She experienced the fluidity of yoga and the rejuvenation of her mind body and soul. Besides yoga, she enjoys hiking, running, traveling, reading, cooking, gardening, listening to music, hanging out with friends and her #1 favorite thing to do is spend time with the love of her life and 3 kids.

Class Philosophy - I believe yoga is for everyone and I want each person to walk into a class knowing that they are important, seen and leave class learning something new and feeling confident in their practice.  Fun is essential to each class balanced with creative sequences that both push students and encourage individuals to honor their body and the space they are in .

What Yoga means to me - SPACE for me to be fully present to re-engage with myself.  I find that as a mom I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others better.  Pushing my body to grow in strength, balance and flexibility; grounding my mind body and soul.  For me its my place for clarity and re-grouping.


Melanie Matthews

Bio - Melanie is a gymnastics instructor, certified personal trainer, and full-time Kinesiology student at the University of La Verne. She discovered yoga after retiring from competitive gymnastics and loves finding new ways to move and push her limits in strength and flexibility training.

Class Philosophy - My classes are about finding joy in strength and reaching new limits every day. I encourage my students to leave their pride at the door and come as you are; let's challenge each other and build a community centered around growth and positivity!

What Yoga means to me - Yoga not only fuels my passion for exercise but has brought such healing, light, and gratitude into my heart. I hope to share both the thrill of an intense, challenging practice and the peace of mindful movement with everyone that walks through my door.


Jan Levine

Bio - Jan has been practicing Pilates for 15 years. She is currently pursuing her second Pilates certification with BASI. 

Class Philosophy - Jan’s  classes are focused on core strength, muscle stability and the breath.  

What Yoga means to me - A true merging of mind and body, Pilates builds strength and focus.  It sharpens the mind and gives breathe to the body. 


Devin Bradley

Bio - Devin is a trained MPower Sculpt instructor. She has been a cheer-leading and gymnastics coach for six years and is excited to bring her love of strength and flexibility training to the MPower Community.

Class Philosophy - Devin wants all students to feel empowered. To push themselves physically and mentally while still feeling successful in class.

What Yoga means to me - I consider fitness, Yoga and Yoga Sculpt to be beneficial not only physically but mentally. Mindful movement and physical exertion have been key elements in my mental and spiritual well-being. I am ecstatic to share these benefits with students.

mod backbend.jpg

mod plank - RYT 200

Bio - Mod is an RYT-200 Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, a Certified AIReal YogaTM Lead Teacher, and a professional performance acrobat who has done work for various productions and reality TV.  She has been practicing yoga for over 16 years.  After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics and living the corporate human resources life for years, she traded in her office for a yoga mat, and she’s been teaching ever since.

Class Philosophy - My playful classes focus on alignment, proper body mechanics, and making deeper connections within ourselves...  as well as lots of handstand-y postures and cheesy jokes :)

What Yoga means to me - I consider yoga to be a central element of my well being.  I’ve used this wondrous practice to help piece myself back together after a moderate lumbar injury, and in a separate incident, a serious neck fracture (both non-yoga related injuries).  I think yoga is a multifaceted package of awesome and I love the opportunity to share this practice’s many benefits with my students, and heck, anyone who will listen. 

Tamara Gross - RYT 200

Tamara Headshot.jpg

Bio - When Tamara was in her early 30’s, she went to a Women’s Fitness camp and was introduced to Yoga and has been practicing Yoga ever since. She is a registered RYT 200 instructor by Yoga Alliance. Previously, she founded Unleashed Fitness which was a dance and fitness studio in Upland, California, with an emphasis on empowering women through dance and fitness training. Tamara loves to hike, bike and paddleboard and believes that Yoga is the perfect counterpart to other workouts.

Class Philosophy - Tamara believes that Yoga develops muscle tone, builds strength, relieves stress, cleanses the body and mind and improves flexibility, balance and range of motion. Tamara is dedicated to empowering students to feel confident, healthy and strong in her classes.

What Yoga means to me - Tamara believes that through a daily Yoga practice, she has found flexibility, strength, balance, and inner peace that allows her to be present, mindful and healthy in her everyday life.

Amanda Weiss.jpg

Amanda Weiss - RYT 200

Bio - Amanda is a RYT 200 and has been practicing yoga for 14 years. She supplements yoga with hiking, camping, walking her dogs and swimming to keep her mind/body at peace.

Class Philosophy - Just breathe! Showing up and doing what’s best for you that day, without judgement, is what really matters.

What Yoga means to me - It allows me to be strong, focused and present. It is a beautiful time to check in with myself and see what I need each day


Diedra Robles - RYT 200

Bio - Diedra has been practicing yoga for over 7 years.  Her training began with an asana influence and recently traveled to India to gain more of the spiritual aspect of yoga.  She is a registered RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance.

Class Philosophy - I like to influence body awareness within my classes.  Building confidence and the love that your body so deserves.  Offering attention to detail on creating a foundation so that we may strengthen from the ground up.  With a strong influence on the very thing that gives us life, breath.

What Yoga means to me - Within the years yoga has offered me so much.  I have learned to heal myself mentally and physically with love and care.  I am constantly learning more about myself and how I can be the very best version.  Once I found love myself, I was able to give back to those around me.  That is when I began to meet the most amazing people who give nothing but love and support.  Yoga is health, yoga is a science, yoga is healing, and yoga is family.  For that, I am grateful.


Anu Bakshi - E-RYT 200

Bio - I completed my yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga in 2014 and have been teaching ever since! Yoga has been a staple in my life where I can getaway, slowdown, heal, and most importantly have fun!

Class Philosophy - A great yoga class is one where I leave feeling balanced and re-energized physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I teach so others can experience same. Whether I am teaching power-vinyasa or restore, my goal to offer students of all levels a class that will invigorate and rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and spirits!

What Yoga means to me - I truly believe that you do not already need to be strong, flexible or anything other than yourself to do yoga. Come as you are and realize just how strong and amazing you already are!

Rosa Headshot.jpg

Rosa alvarez - RYT 200

Bio - I’ve been practicing Yoga for 5 years and fell in love on the very first class. I completed all of my training through CorePower Yoga. Yoga helped me after both of my knee surgeries and while training for a half marathon. I enjoy anything outdoors, I root for the Dodgers and Raiders, have a passion for baking and love spending time with my 2 pups, fiancé and family.

Class Philosophy - A class that fulfills my mind and heart is a great class to me. I feel like it is important to open your heart and trust the process. By doing that, I want to uplift, support and encourage each and every one of my students.

What Yoga means to me - Yoga has been so important to me physically and mentally. Physically it helped me through my knee surgeries. I’ve had ACL reconstructions on both knees and it helped me regain muscle, stability and strength to get back onto the soccer field! Mentally, it has helped me learn how to breathe, how to except what is happening within my life, what is happening within my body and what is happening within my heart.

SAGE NIGH - Front Desk Manager

Bio - Sage loves greeting our students and always strives to make connections with the MPower community. Her loving spirit will be hard to miss when you are greeted before your class. Ask her anything, she is here to help and empower.

When Sage isn’t practicing Yoga or working at the desk, she loves to rock climb and spend time with her family.


OhLove - The original down dog

Bio - OhLove is our studio dog and mascot. You will see her watching over things in the studio from time to time. We can all learn from her amazing equanimity and perfect Asana postures.